My two greatest passions are math and music. This page is dedicated to music and the musicians that I love. I studied music for many years. My main instrument is the electric bass, but I enjoy playing guitar and drums as well. Any way, I enjoy listening mostly these days. If you're interested in hearing me sing and play the Jimi Hendrix tune Spanish Castle Magic click it. Sorry for the forgotten 2nd verse. "The clouds are really low and they overflow with cotton candy and battle grounds red and brown..."

One of my favorite groups is Roomful of Blues, I try to see them every chance I can.

Mark DuFresne was singing with them one of the last time I saw them and he was incredible.

This was taken after a Roomful of Blues show at the Towne Crier Cafe in Pawling NY.

Below are some links to my favorite players.


My favorite bass players include:
My favorite guitar players include:
My favorite drummers include: